Sightseeing in Manhattan

A 425 Madison Series Novel.

Hannah Rae

On stage at a Man Candy night with the music blaring and her hands trailing the oily, well-defined abs of another man is where Hannah-Rae realises that maybe she isn’t as heartbroken about her cheating ex as she had first thought. She had known she needed to make some big decisions about life before flying out to NYC, she just hadn’t expected her heart would be calling all the shots.


Matt didn’t know why or how his passion for dance had come about. All he knew is that when he was on that stage throwing shapes down, he felt so alive in the moment that he almost forgot about the fact that his family were drowning and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. Almost.

When chance circumstances bring us together, will dancing bring us something more than either of us expected? After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.

Each Story is completely stand-alone, but you’ll want to read them all, trust me.

“I giggled, swooned, blushed, laughed out loud, put my hand on my chest when it was a sweet moment and had happy tears reading the epilogue.”

“This story is just fabulous to read. Love and romance, cute yet full of fun and banter. Love the UK twist.”

“What a truly heartfelt and beautiful story. It was engaging and captured my heart right away.”