Take Me Away

tma3d1Cockpit Series Book One – Can be read as a stand alone.

What happens when a sexy workaholic CEO and pilot meets a spirited woman with a passion for helping pandas?

Liam Parker, the eldest of the Parker’s has helped build the family business to be the best elite charter airline service in the world. His CEO position is a taxing day in and day out job, leaving little to no room for anything else. He has never questioned the time he sacrifices to Parker Airlines, until Heaven.

Pandas are Heaven Samson’s whole world. When she escaped the darkness that had become her life, she found refuge in the unconditional love of these beautiful creatures. That very love pushed her to move past trying times, build her self esteem and root her feet back on solid ground to become the strong independant woman she is.

Can two hearts so dedicated to what they love make any room to let in who they love?

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to take off to China. Grab Take Me Away now and sit back and enjoy the ride.