Exclusive Scenes

🖤 Taken from Saving Him 🖤

“Hey Sal,” he says is a sexy husky tone. I can’t speak. My mind in willing my mouth but nothing will come out, instead my body moves out of his way and over to the bar. “Two tequilas and a Corona please, Cassie.” She places them on the bar in seconds as I pass her a note, l down the first shot followed by the 2nd and she hands me my change. I can feel the liquid burning the back of my throat, so I take another almighty swig of my Corona for some dutch courage. I was planning on one drink, but with the dramatic turn of events, I feel like getting absolutely shitfaced. I sense him approaching before he even reaches me, “Sally, you okay?” He asks, with a slur in his voice. Great, like dealing with Greyson isn’t enough, I’m dealing with a drunk Greyson and that’s a whole lot worse.

“I am fine, Greyson, so why don’t you just go carry on with your night and pretend I’m not even here,” I say, waving my hand in the general direction of the bar. “Well, that would be hard babygirl, as when you’re in the room, I only see you,” he says with such sincerity it makes me want to break down and tell him exactly why I don’t want him near me. Bet he would soon leave me be then.

I look up at him, I can feel my eyes brimmed with more unshed tears. I look into his eyes but I don’t see him, he looks broken, which is ironic as that resembles how I am feeling with him near me. “Don’t call me that.” He looks confused so I make it clear. “Babygirl, Greyson, don’t call me that. I am not, nor will I ever be your babygirl,” I say, feeling his heated stare boring into me as I make quick of downing the rest of my Corona, before ordering another. He leans in closer, caging me in at the bar with his strong arms either side of my frame. He is so close I can feel the heat of his breath on the side of my neck which causes goosebumps to spread across my body, and my nipples harden instantly. “Wrong princess, you always have been and always will be my babygirl.”